Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hiru FM, Gold FM, Sooriyan FM issued with frequencies

In latest developments the Asian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC Networks) has been issued with frequencies for Hiru, Gold & Sooriyan FM by the TRC with effect from yesterday. All the five channels including Sha FM & Sun FM have been issued broadcasting licenses last month. Sha & Sun FM are expected to be issued with frequencies soon.

There is a chance that all the stations would commence broadcasting together but there is no specific launch date as yet. The channels may have been reassigned their original frequencies since but we are unable to confirm this.

Link : Sri Lanka's ABC radio to get back on air: official - LBO Monday 08th April 2008


LankaMedia said...

Can they broadcast news now ?


Rasika said...

Frequencies given to Hiru, Gold and Sooriyan have some changes compared their old frequencies but the frequencies which they originally used for the whole network have not changed. For example this time Hiru is going to start on previously Sun FM frequencies and the Gold may use previously sha FM frequencies. You can see it now as they already start testing frequecies without any music.

dannymot said...


What is the GOLD FM test frequency?

Pushpamal said...

ABC Radio Networks will recommence transmission from 15th April.

Anonymous said...

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