Monday, August 11, 2008

IPTV delayed once again

The launch of SLT IPTV operated by SLT subsidiary, SLT Visioncom has been delayed upto the end the year according to reports. The service was to commence in August but technical issues are the cause of the delay.

IPTV as we reported earlier requires ADSL 2+ connectivity and cannot operate with the present ADSL service of SLT and therefore it looks like this requirement has caused the problem resulting in certain channels not working. It is highly likely that before SLT launches their IPTV service they will be launching ADSL 2+.

Due to issues with SLT IPTV we will not be launching the SLT IPTV blog until SLT resolves issues and confirms a launch date. Until the that we will continue SLT IPTV related discussions on this blog.


sithma said...

Dear all
Sunday Times Report was wrong SLT wiill launch its services very near future Wait !!!!

AI said...

I got call from SLT for do test run on IPTV. i feel so lucky to have that call (keeping fingure cross till they come one fix the equipments). 4 week free test run then they will launch IPTV. the packages soon as they finalized the rentals. this should happen next week and the launch will with in 4 weeks. SO EXCITING !!!! :)

SLT confirms there no technical problems. they just waiting for the pricing.

Sam said...

Can Any One Tel Me What Is Ks TV ?
Because why I am asking to days Lankadeepa TV program Guide there wasa name called Ks Tv

ILHAM - The Boss said...


Pakistan's Communication Satellite

Pakistan's Paksat-1 was originally known as Palapa-C1.
It was launched by Hughes Space and Communications.

Paksat-1 acquired by Pakistan from
Hughes Space and Communications
On "Full Time Leasing” and relocated
To Pakistan's reserved slot at 38 Degree.

The satellite is in position at the Pakistani licensed
Orbital location, 38° east longitude.
Paksat 1 is operational and is ready to offer services.

Paksat 1’s 30 C-band transponders and 4 Ku-band transponders
Provide the total range of satellite communications capabilities.
The satellite is in a geostationary orbit at 38° East Longitude,
And carries high power payloads in both bands.

Any one know about Sri Lanka’s
Communication Satellite Prgram ?

nirman said...

SLT is always a headache for me. Their Mobitel is also has many technical issues. I bet IPTV also will be a mess. I advise dialog tv members to keep faith on DTV untill better competitor comes.

Sam said...

Off topic Now the Sunday NewsPapers are also like FM stations.How many New Newspapers are there now .Last Month Siyatha launch a Siyatha news paper and this month nother newspaper called heldiwa.I am saying we dont need this much of sunday news papers

Sam said...


Sam said...


Patson said...

OFF TOPIC;-Reply to a web news,

SLRC had bad experiences in the past when receiving satellite signals of global beams using a 4.5m antenna especially in international sports events such as

a) Olympics 2000
b) Commonwealth Games 2006
c) ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Hence the need of a larger professional C Band antenna was a long felt need of SLRC for satellite reception. Therefore, SLRC acquired a 7.3 meter professional C Band TVRO system recently following tender procedures properly.

The present problem regarding the reception of Olympic feeds on extended C Band was not due o any incapability of this antenna system as it is fully compatible with the entire frequency range 3.4GHz – 4.2GHz which includes extended C Band. But due to the severe interference because of the allocation of the same frequency band (3.4GHz to 3.6 GHz ) for Wi-max operators in Sri Lanka by TRCSL.

This was informed to the uplink service provider and Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) - who are arranging contribution feed to the broadcasters in Asia-Pacific Region - at the first instance which we experienced the interference during the test transmission, about one month before the commencement of the Olympic Games.

ABU requested us that the only available option would be either to switched off the l interfering local Wi-max transmissions during the period or to receive the transmission at a location where there is no such interference as there was no any alternative with the available satellite other than use of the extended C Band by their side.

According to TRCSL those frequencies are assigned for wi-max operators according to relevant ITU regulations and would not be asked to switched off the same.

Presently SLRC receives the Olympic feeds at Padukka Satellite Earth Station belongs to SLT where the location is almost free from such interference and linking to SLRC. With negotiations, SLT had agreed to a very much less cost mentioned than in this news article considering the national importance of telecasting such an international event.

Hence this problem is beyond our control and only affect the reception of the extended C Band satellite transmissions where local wi-max frequencies are overlapped.
In fact we have already received several C band satellite transmissions using the new TVRO antenna system without any problem.

For your proper information and necessary publicity please.

Rohan Perera

Anonymous said...

For the latest satellite news pls visit

Rasika said...

Sath FM - 103.6 Mhz - Karagahatenna (North Central & East)
Siyatha FM - 90.9 Mhz - Kandy & 107.6 Mhz - South (Gongala0
Vetri FM - 101.5 Mhz - Kandy

Real radio - 93.9 Mhz - Kandy
New radio Seth FM - 101.5 Mhz - Negombo

CSS said...


How do you register at WWW.TOMORROWYOU.TV

There is no place to register yourself, other than to an IPTV magazine

Sam said...

@ CSS I dont no about this but this was mention on the This month SLT telephone bill

AI said...


fill there feedback form

LKDOOD said...

Reliance Big TV launched


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

Sam said...

Can any one tel me what is this Seth FM ?

Who owned this radio ?

Sam said...


Lisura said...

See this to understand whos copying !



Rasika said...

Lak FM will increase their oresence in the country by going islandwide by following frequencies
Colombo - 92 Mhz
Kandy - 92 Mhz
Uva - 92 Mhz
North Central - 100.1 Mhz(Rajarata)

Looser said...

I'm getting new TV channel (Tamil) today.

Sam said...

Can any one tel more informetion about this new tamil channel?

Sam said...

Siyatha Fm has increas there covrage.

From Colombo - 90.9 Fm
Kanndy - 90.9 Fm
south /Deniyay - 107.6 Fm
Islandwide - 98.6 Fm

Sam said...

Lak Fm to launch soon.The newst Fm Radio Channel Lak Fm is going to launch on this month & they have activeted the other frequency .

Sam said...

You can call Lak Fm from the folowing numbers.

011 5749292
011 5749294

Sam said...

One of my Uncel's friend told me that Barathi Airtel is launching on this month.Futher he said that His company and Singer has silected to sel the phone cards.he said I think launching daste of the servicev is 13th of Sepetember.First tehy will give the coverage to Colombo,Kaluthara& Gampaha Distrik (Some areas).In November they are going to cover the whole area of Colombo,kaluthara & Gamapha.Last sunday we went to drop him to Jaela & he showed us a tower of Airtel.


hey sam!

hw sure r u abt dat airtel news? they have been giving launching dates for da past two yrs but still not out!!

Rasika said...

Any news about Sha and Sun FM

sonik said...

hey, check uhf channel 53. there is a new channel. no logo. mostly tamil songs etc... i think it is "Uthayam" tv. who owns it?

Elvis said...

In the beginning of this article, some said IPTV will be launch in weeks time when they finalized the pricing. But now more than two weeks passed. still no news.

Sam said...

The Tamil Channel is not a New Channel It is Udayam Tv .The Channel Udayam tv is owned by The Government Of SriLnka.This Channel they targeted for Eastern Province Election.Earlier It was only for the Eastern Province People but after few weeks they moved to TvLanka Satalitte then after Colombo People also can vive this Channel But should have power Full Antana.
I think now they are trying to expand there coverage.Earlier they telecast News also but after few weeks they stopped that.Then after they moved to TvLanka Sat again they started News (TvLanka News)but that also failier.I think now this channel is operate by TvLanka.

Sam said...

The Airtel News is true.I conformed from my Uncel who working in this telecommunication side.

Sam said...

SLT IPTV IS COMING SOON.Becoz they are having some problems but some how they are palning to launch test tarnsmission on this month.

dannymot said...

SLT IPTV is testing their transmissions at selected customer locations. They supply the STB (with Component Output terminals) and composite output terminals. They will also supply the 4 port router.

The technical team that does the installation is very efficient and competent. The test transmission has initial teething issues such as pixilation and voice interruptions owing to buffering issues.

Currently all the features are not available, but they have the HBO channels on offer apart from other Indian channels plus local channels.

They should be in a position to give DTV and LBN a very good fight!!

Rohan said...

TVlanka will do anything if gov asked them,becouse tvlanka is SL gov's 3rd channels,TVl also a failure,unpopular among srilankan's abroad.

Usefull Infomation said...

By The way does anyone know the number of channels that SLT IPTV would be giving or hope to give and what the channels are?

sithma said...

Hi all
SLT IPTV wil be on Commercial within weeks !!!!!!