Friday, September 05, 2008

New state planned telecom tower could solve television viewing problems

The new telecom tower to be built in Peliyagoda at a cost of US $90mn for use by television stations, radio stations and telecommunication companies could solve many problems facing television viewers at least in Colombo and the suburbs. The 250m tower is to be built on a 2 acre plot owned by the State Engineering Corporation. Television viewers all over Sri Lanka have one common problem and that is the placement of transmitting towers at different locations therefore to view all television channels clearly more than two antenna's are required generally.

If all channels hop aboard this tower then all viewers in and around Colombo can just point their VHF and UHF channels towards this tower and receive clear images. The government must take steps to encourage all television station operators to make use of this tower. Based on the success of this tower if this project is repeated throughout the whole of Sri Lanka then television viewers all over the island would benefit.

The next step the GOSL must take is to setup a DVB-T/DAB broadcast centre which can be used by all television and radio stations to transmit using digital technology.

LBO Article : Sri Lanka iconic telecom tower to cost US$90mn


podiman said...

This is a very good idea. How long will it take to implement this??

Patson said...

Start from SLRC,EYE & ITN channels, Good plan, In Srilanka it will be a gov tower finally. It is a risky business for private channels to move there as politicians can shut down some channels like TNL & SIRASA whenever they want. Now they lost only cameras next they will loose transmitters as well.

Elvis said...

This idea is good but whos gonna manage it, If the government is gonna do it, it will be a problem when it comes to breakdowns. what do u thing??

Sam said...

Long Waited Tv Channel Now On Testing

I recevid a telephone call from siytha. That the Siyatha TV testtransmissions are now on air time to time
Nb last time i gave a callto siyatha that time they said to give my number and they said we wil contac you.

FM said...

Mr.Hema Nalin Karunarathne (CEO) was interdicted from LAK FM due to official reason of their management. According to that news Mr.Kelu Palitha Mahirathne(Prog.Manager) felt the same.

nick said...

i saw u wrote u r in Kadawatha. dont u know about this new tower?. is it building in these days? bcos u a near to paliyagoda? any thing u know about this pls tell me.