Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SLT IPTV set top box pictures and expected channels

The channels presently available on the SLT IPTV test transmissions are Rupavahini, Channel Eye, ITN, Max, HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family, CNN, BBC World, NDTV 24X7, Al Jazeera, Ujala, Peace TV, Spacetoons, Colors, DD Sports, VH1, MTV, Nickolodean, STC, B4U Music, NDTV Good Times, Ceebies BBC, Zee Music and a few other Hindi channels.

Given below are the pictures of the IPTV set top box.

A big thank you goes out to Lisura for providing us with the above pictures.


ILHAM - The Boss said...

SLT IPTV Set Top Box & Remote

Sam said...

FM 96 Frequency is activeted who's owned this Frequency.

Rasika said...

sam, Is it clear in colombo. At what time you can listen to it.

Rasika said...

TRC srilanka has updated their FM frequency assignment list and there they haven't included the frequencies assigned for ABC network. Anyway one of the popular islandwide frequency (93 Mhz and 90.9 Mhz used for Gold FM) which was earler used by the ABC has been re-assigned to Siyatha network. So ABC will not get that frequency anymore. So far ABC has not got any frequency for Sun and Sha channels. It looks like the Siyatha network is getting all these frequencies with political support that they are having now.

Rohan said...

Why not?Frequency Boss can give his frequencies to his relatives at Siyatha, Both Siyatha & ABC channels are now doing the same laundry job for this so called Democratic politicians.

Sam said...

@ Rasika This FM 96 Frequency is activeted but there is nothing.I mean not runnig a tes.

Duffy said...

@ Rasika

How can I see the frequency assignment list by the TRC? Is there a specific site/URL? If so, pls mention it... I really need to see this! I can't seem to find it on their website.

Or feel free to mail it to the following address......

Thank you

Rasika said...

First you go to TRC website and select Spectrum Management then you will find yellow icon (below) called "Broadcasting services".
Select it. there you can find the FM frequency list

Sam said...
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Sam said...

There is 2 new Broadcaster's

Lakviru Radio and Television Network (Private) Limited From Gongala

The Friend Media Network(Pvt) Ltd From Negombo

Any one no more info ?

But they havent mention Powerhouse ltd. 94.5

Power house is again runnig a testtransmiison

Sam said...

Can any one tel me who live's in Negambo area about this Radio Channel.In the Trc site they have mention its Operational.

Rasika said...

It is already operating as Seth FM and can listen to these programs on 101.5Mhz from Negombo from 7.30 am daily. Unfortunately the broadcasting is limited to a radius of 10 km from the Negombo town. It is not even clear in Minuwangoda or Jaela town areas.

Duffy said...

@ Rasika

Thanks a bunch for the info. I found the chart :}

By the way, I've got myself some questions.......

What is this Lakviru Radio & Televison Network? Is it LAK FM?

Why isn't Powerhouse(Derana Radio) listed in the chart?

Has this Yellowin Media Network already started its operations?

As for SUN FM issue, I guess ABC is still in a possition to get Gold FM's old frequency 89.8FM!!

Sam said...

@ Duffy
This Lakviru Radio & Televison Network is Not Lak FM & It is a new Broadcaster . Lak FM Is Lak View Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd

The Yellowin Media Private Limited
Is Who's running a Tamil FM Station Called Thalam Fm.

Sam said...

End of this Year There are more Broadcaster to Start there Fm Radio Station's.Like Radio 1 ,Derana Radio ,Sumathi FM and Moore...

Radio 1 is Currently Expandig there Coverage.

Lakviwe Saying that after they coverd the Whole Island there going to Launch there Transmission.Now most of the Frequency allocated for Lak Fm are activeted and Nother few more to activate.

Sam said...

Any one tel me What is happen to Radio One

sithma said...

SLT IPTV "tomorrow you" When.............are you ready for Srilanka's first Interactive TV

Sam said...

In the FM frequency Assignments list they have done lot if mistake's.

1 They have not added PowerHouse Radio Station ( Derana Radio )

2 They Done a mistake. Siyatha Fm Islanwide frequency 98.6 is not mention there. But they have mention this Frequency is for Siyatha Fm Nuwara Eliya frequency.

3 Some frequency Alocated to Voice Of Asia are operational but they have mention 99.6 (Vettri FM) 107.6 (Siyatha Fm) .

MW said...

its been 9 days since i informed to DTV to fix the new decoder ! No one called me back as they said !

sithma said...

Graet News !!!!!!

SLT IPTV will be Launch on 22nd(monday) September 2008

Sam said...

This FM frequency assignment list lot of thing's are wrong.

Lak Fm frequency are they have mention Reserved but It should be Operational.

Sam said...

Great News Air tel is Launching on end of This month.Now they are planing the Launching ceremony.

AI said...

ok guys its official "I HAVE SLT IPTV" they gave router as well. had quick look at channels.

Picture quality is pretty amazing on foreign channels.

local channels have to improve lot.

will post more comments later on when i go thought all the details.

sithma said...

Hi guyes
SLT IPTV will come out today at Cinnamon Grad.
Installation Cost ??? (What do you expect)
Monthly Rental ?????
Channel quality !!!

Wait for !!!!
Admn Time to open Separate Blog
Quality of Local channel will improve within a week