Thursday, September 02, 2010

AXN available FTA

We are receiving reports that international action oriented channel AXN is available in Sri Lanka on a FTA basis on VHF. There are several editions of AXN available in this region mainly AXN Singapore and AXN India. Pay television operators in Sri Lanka (Dialog TV & LBN) carry the Singapore edition, we are not sure whether FTA broadcast is rebroadcasting the Singapore edition or Indian edition.

We request our fellow bloggers who have been available to receive this channel, to update us with this information.


Lisura said...

is this terrestrial or satellite ?

Kumar said...

I am frm Colombo 05, i couldn't find any channel, is there any update??

Nilantha said...

Now I am receiving crystal clear AXN FTA channel in Dehiwala

Duffy said...

@ Nilantha

Can you pls check and give us the exact frequency (VHF/UHF)of this channel?