Thursday, September 02, 2010

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Chander said...

It seems that ABC is silently working out plans to start their first ever TV station. A source Close to ABC said that former Max TV manager appointed as the head of ABC's TV ( Hiru TV). Does anyone knows further as regarding their UHF frequencies?

Rasika said...

last few days, I have noted that Hiru FM has stopped their Hiru with Sha programme and started another programme instead that. It seems that the launch of SHA FM is in near future

Sam said...

Hey Guys Got A News That There Will be A Nother Sinhala Fm Radio Channel To Launch .

One of My Friend Recently Went For An Intervive For New Sinhala Language Fm Channel Located At Kelaniya Biyagama Rd. He Wants To Work As A partime Dj.

I Asked What is The network And When They Are starting he dozen know any thing .But Acording To Him This Channel Is Having Some Connection With Abc NetWork

He Said That Again His Going To That Place Because they Have Asked Bring Some Tracks That He Has Don.

I Told Him To Find Details When He Is Going Nextime

WARUNA SAT said...

New ABC frequencies HIRU TV ,SHA,HIRU FM

New ABC frequencies

SHA FM and sun fm Mhz

KOKAWIL 88.8/95.8/99.3/103.4/106.5
JAFFNA 98.00/101.00/107
GONGALA 89.1/106.7
COLOMBO 92.4/98.8
MAGALKANDA 92.8/95.8/102.8
MADOLSIMA 100.9/105.6
RATHNAPURA 91.2/103.4
KURUNEGALA 93.7/98.4
GAMMADUWA 101.5/103.2



Thx goes to our Newest member Mr Hemantha and TRC

Rasika said...

Waruna Sat,
I still have an issue becuase for Gongala TRC has issued 89.1Mhz for ABC but TNL is already broadcasting Isira on 89Mhz from the same location (there is no difference between Deniyaya and Gongala since some broadcasters use deniyaya as an alternate location to broadcast their telecast to South. The issue is whether TNL broadcast is illegal. It is not even mentioned in TRC FM frequency assignment list. Please check this with your friend and let us know. I believe there is an issue.

Rasika said...

any news about ABC Sha and Sun????????

emmadc2006 said...

@ Sam

what ia the new fm channel in Kelaniya.
pls post the details


3zzz said...

There is a news from ABC that they are gonna start SUN on 1st of Oct.

But no news for Sha...

And yes you are right, they have an issue in Gongala with that frequency so there are some rumors that both Rynor and Duminda had a secret/friendly chat with the CEO of VIS to get back 99.9 FM freq (downsouth) from VIS. Its been allocated to VIS along with 100.7 (former Hiru downsouth frq) long ago. 100.7 is now operating with Youth Radio but 99.9 still not. Dont knw what happened

VIS is also planing to launch their English channel 'Your Radio' b4 the end of this month. Says 24th Sep. seems like a soft launch. but not sure though. Live Time Checks being heard all day long today on 88.3 their test transmission. say Anil Balasuriya is heading the program side (former Radio2/ TNL guy)

Also some news from VIS says that they are gonna bring down Shaun Paul, famous reggae artist to SL in November to have a massive promotion for Your Radio.

3zzz said...

some times back u asked abt BUS TV as I remember, well got the news abt them clearly... BUS TV operated by Wasantha Moragoda (actor/drama director) who directed the AND COMPANY drama. after he openly supported SF during the election time he was removed from it.

But actually this concept introduced by a company called ACN VISION who also runs a inter-city bus based TV network which is more professional than BUS TV. its only in the western province though

Rasika said...

thanks for your information. there is one thing I need ask from you. what are the Sun FM frequencies?
Will they go back their orginal 99.9Mhz frequency?

there is another thing I cannot understand is what these TRC buggers are doing there because if you analyze closely there are few frequencies (especially for South, Kandy and few other areas) which can be issued without interfering other operational frequencies but It looks like these TRC people are not aware about these facts.

Chander said...

According to Official FB page of Hiru With Sha, Sha resuming before the end of this year

WARUNA SAT said...

DVB T transmission station and head end ready and launched ?

Test Transmission successfully finished !

More than 40 digital channels starting for 1st step
Dan tv and TV lanka starting this belones to ELECTOTECS DVB T transmission Jaffna KOKUWILL

SUN TV Lanka,KTV lanka ,Sun music lanka,Jaya lanka etc,.... they"l rename these channels for their transmission
Currently Using D2H boxes and FTA boxes for down link digital channels

Receiving box (Receiver) 6000.00,rental 400.00
Model name "DOLPHIN Education and entertainment "
Above price details not officially confirmed yet

More pictures