Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Illegal Cable TV stations raided, next Indian DTH vendors?

Several Cable television companies which operate without the permission of the TRC are being raided by the police over the last several days. The raids are taking place in several parts of the island. Information suggest that the police & TRC are acting on complaints by companies such as LBN, Dialog TV and PEO TV about these unlicensed operators.

At the moment many small scale wireline operators are being raided. Information reaching us suggests that steps may be taken to raid resellers of Indian DTH services such as Dish TV, etc. Even though the TRC can do little to stop Indian DTH operators due to the close proximity of Sri Lanka to India enabling reception of Indian services to Sri Lanka with minimum effort and equipment they may target the vendors of these equipment since some of them do reselling without TRC approval. Even those who have permission, we are made to understand may not have the license to resell equipment of a pay television operator.

This would indeed be a blow to the pay television subscribers who are already being charged heavily by the local companies and who would be burdened further by the new taxes coming into effect from 2011.


Rasika said...

Looks like TRC is acting on all the illegal issues such as unauthorized cable tv operators and illegal FM broadcaster.
Another thing there is a huge cable tv network in Negombo, Seeduwa and Jaela area covering a substantial area. what they say is that they are working under the LBN license. But don't know whether it is true or not.
There is also another network operating in Nawalapitiya, Gampola and Hatton area also covering the city limits of the above towns. They are offering a good package including local channels at a good reasonble rate. you can watch a 35channel package at rate of Rs 450.
Important thing is that all these networks are operated under the full patronage of the local area leaders such as Urban council members, police heads and other big wigs. for their courtesy, they have been offered with free packages.

star said...

What about re-sellers of C Band STB & Dish ?

What about free KU band STBs? Can they re-sell those?

Anonymous said...

Are there uneducated ppl in the TRC. Ran FM wich is playing good old hits is crashing with the other 2 new channels. Dont they have a brain and dont they check the availability before giving a new frequency. This is a real Joke. Can not listen to RAN FM from Colombo Area. Anybody can complain this? Has not RAN FM taken an action for this?

Rasika said...

92.4Mhz activated

Lisura said...

TRC is good at raiding and closing down businesses. We seem this as a compliment to a BIG headed expensive operator.

Why cant TRC put a regulation to the price of Dialog TV at the interest of the subscriber ?

Sumzy said...

What about services like LBN re-transmitting channels using Tata Sky and Dish TV ?

They are doing this in public in Raddolugama housing scheme and negombo and it's crappy in quality too.

I think they need think twice about what they do before pushing the government to raid illegal services.