Friday, October 08, 2010

98.8FM most certainly Sun FM

There has been so much of talk on whether 98.8FM will be Sun FM or Sha FM, however we can most certainly say that this is Sun FM. Testing is being carried out continuous using English music which indicates that this is a English Language Radio Station.

In addition we believe that this channel is being broadcast from the WTC. The channel is reportedly clear inside colombo city limits and we can confirm that coverage along the Negombo Road is the same as Gold FM. Only channels broadcast from the WTC have been able to maintain high levels of clarity along the Negombo Road.

We believe it is safe to assume that this is Sun 98.8FM or who knows maybe Gold FM will be shifted to 98.8FM and it will be back to Sun 99.9FM.

Please keep us updated on the latest as the days progress.

Updated : DJ's are sporting the Sun FM Logo on Facebook - Oct 8th @ 10:40am
  • Jay Walker Sunfm
  • Lara on Sun


Rasika said...

I have very clear doubts regarding the point of broadcast because it can be clearly listened in Kurunegala area. But the other channel's Colombo frequencies originating from WTC(Hiru Gold and Sooriyan) cannot be heard in Kurunegala area. therefore it must be definitely originating from a outside location from Colombo

Mario said...

According to the below link,
SEAN PAUL will be live in Sri Lanka on 13th Nov and its organised by YOUTH RADIO AND YOUR RADIO. Could this be like a launch concert for YOUR RADIO ?

3zzz said...

YOUR RADIO seems to be officially launched according to their FB page. (on 28 Sep.)!/YourRadioSL

Sean Paul's concert is confirmed and it will be held at Water's Edge on the 13th Nov. 2010



Chander said...

Guys Sha Fm & Sun Fm rising soon........

Sha Fm Fre
92.4 Col
91.2 Ratnapura
102.8 Islandwide

Sun Fm
98.8 Col
103.4 Ratnapura
92.8 Islandwide

But Sun rising before Sha resumes.........

Mario said...

@ Chander

This info is confirmed ??

Chander said...

yes abc staff told this. And also they're promoting Sha & Sun through FB pages such as SUN FM and Hiru With Shaa..........

Rasika said...

Then why are they using a Ratnapura frequency for Sun instead it for Hiru

Sam said...

Some times Sun Fm Will Launch next Week . Because

The Biggest n the Best Band Fiesta ever in Srilankan School History

This An Event Done By The My Shcool Mahanama College .

For This Event Media Sponsor By Tv Derana, Hiru Fm , Sooriyan Fm , Gold Fm And Sun Fm.

You Can See The Posters Every Where You Can See the Sun Fm Logo On That .

Lasith said...

I think V FM going 2 relaunch....just listen to 107.6

Rasika said...

Yes looks like a sha FM type version

Mario said...

@ Sam

The printing of the SUN FM logo on the poster has been a mistake.

According to ABC they are still having some tech issues with 98.8 especially in Colombo city, as its clashing with SRI on 99. I experienced this on my car and phone radio too especially in the Bamba/Kol area.

Kumar said...

That is the real situation, Guard band is 300 KHZ standard, Duminda silva or any other politician cann't change the technology barrier. Don't know why Sri Lanka had TRC?

Rasika said...

There is a solution if all can come to a conclusion. The solution is to shift the Shree 99mhz frequency to 99.1Mhz. That will not be a problem becuase for Magalkanda 200khz is sufficient to maintain the 99.3Mhz(Shree) frequency. But for this solution. all the parties including TRC, EAP & ABC have to come to a final decision.

Rasika said...

104Mhz activated, who owns this. Gold FM can be listened

nisha said...

104 was owned by Asset Media

They reserved it for there tamil fm channel.

Is there any sign of Gold fm on this freq. it seems ABC have got it.

දිමුතු said...

What is the Sinhala channel test on 107.6 ?

Rasika said...

Now 92.8Mhz from Magalkanda activated with the same channel on 98.8Mhz

muhammad ashfaq said...

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Chander said...

Guys 92.8 could be the Sun FM's Island wide frequency as I could able to listen to testing clearly in Nuwaraeliya. Now Real radio's 93.0 having problem because of powerful sun Fm coverage in here.

Mario said...

Rasiika 104.2 is Gold islandwide freq. Maybe ur getin same for 104

Rasika said...

No scanner stops at both positions. last thursday & friday 104 was activated but from saturday it has not been activated. they are testing lot of frequencies. today I observed 95.8Mhz is activated.

Mario said...

@ Rasika

I was travelling to Kandy in the weekend and noticed that 92.8 was clear closer to the Kandy area.

Now im in Nawala.

95.8 - Im not getting anything, except a faint signal of SLBC English , Colombo which is 95.6.

Im getting Gold FM on 104, But 104.2 ( GOLD FM islandwide )is very very faint. So 104 has to be transmitted from somewhere close to Colombo.

Mario said...

@ Rasika

According to the FM channel list of the TRC, there is a GOLD FM freq for UVA province. 93.4- Transmitting from Madolsima. I wonder if they are using it ? becuz they never mention in their station identity.

Rasika said...

Eventhough it (93.4) is allocated to Gold FM, until now they have not used it. that is why it is not mentioned in their web. Gold may not use it because the listner area for which the Madolsima station broadcast is not having much Gold listners.
They may have applied for this frequency because a frequency is an asset these days.

3zzz said...

V FM relaunched with a new management.

seems they are following 'Shaa' type format.

in the mean time 'Shaa FM' started their test transmission on 92.8 FM CMB

Mario said...

92.8 cant be from Col, Its not clear at all.

Rasika said...

Is it 92.8mhz or 92.4mhz

Mario said...

I got SUN FM test on 92.8 close to Kandy area. But in Col nothing on 92.8 or 92.4, there is a faint signal of Y FM (92.6) comming inbetween

Mario said...

Any of you guys out of Col, check 102.8 also

Mario said...

Did you guys notice that almost every other song on the test transmission has some problem with the vocals ? Its like you can only here the music and not the voice. I think in tech terms this is called "phase out ".

nirman said...

Sun was the best channal. Now i'm listning to Lite Fm. What is the Sun freq for downsouth?? Previously it was same on 99.9

Rasika said...

What is happening at ABC. If anyone knows, please comment.

Mario said...

@ Rasika,

I just called up ABC, appranently the only thing they can confirm is that 98.8 is gonna be SUN Colombo frequency. Even their marketing executives dont see to know anything else. Even the Sun Fm facebook group dosent give any technical updates.

Rasika said...

then what is 104Mhz. Is it actually a ABC frequency or any other else.
Do you have any info regarding this 104 frequency.

3zzz said...

The venue of "Sean Paul Live in Sri Lanka" YOUR RADIO concert's has been changed to the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium due to the bad weather.

Previously it was scheduled to be held at the garden area of Water's Edge hotel. Now there is no garden or simple no 'edge just Water's

Date has not been changed so it will be held as planned on 13th November(Saturday) at 7:30 pm

Heard there will be a press conference at 6:00 pm today (12) at Cinnamon Lakeside with presence of Sean Paul.

YOUR and YOUTH Radio both give away free tickets. Just listen and call them up.

Mario said...

These are frequencies confirmed for SUN/SHA.!/photo.php?fbid=177351255611797&set=a.150621634951426.30638.149870811693175

- SUN FM Frequencies -

98.8 CMB
89.1 Down South

- Sun FM & Sha FM Frequencies -

KOKAWIL 88.8/95.8/99.3/103.4/106.5
JAFFNA 98.00/101.00/107
GONGALA 89.1/106.7
COLOMBO 92.4/98.8
MAGALKANDA 92.8/95.8/102.8
MADOLSIMA 100.9/105.6
RATHNAPURA 91.2/103.4
KURUNEGALA 93.7/98.4
GAMMADUWA 101.5/103.2

Mario said...

Anyone who can, please tune in and check the frequencies and post your reports on this blog....

3zzz said...

Sean Paul arrived in Colombo

Sean Paul Live in Sri Lanka on 13 Nov. 2010 - 7:30 pm at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium

3zzz said...

Sean Paul arrived in Colombo

Check the below link for photos

3zzz said...

YOUR RADIO held a successful show of 'Sean Paul Live in Sri Lanka' 13th Nov. at Sugathadasa Stadium.

For photos

For videos

Rakitha Perera said...

Sun FM will be relaunched soon..I'm not sure about the frequency..that also can be revealed sooooon..Must be 98.8