Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

We take this opportunity to thank our fellow bloggers who have been with us throughout 2010 & continued to update us with the latest happenings in the media industry in Sri Lanka & wish them, the management & staff of all media institutions in Sri Lanka a

"Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011"


Chander said...

The Managing Director of Asia Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Rayynor Silva stated that A.B.C. Radio Networks is set to revolutionise the air waves of Sri Lanka even further with the re-launch of our Sinhalese Sister station "SHAA FM" in the near future.

The Managing Director of Asia Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Rayynor Silva meanwhile also added that expansive measures are underway for the launch of "Television Stations" which will comprise state of the art technology before the end of this year.

So guys wait for more from The Biggest media industry in Sri Lanka.

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Chander said...

Meanwhile Voice Of Asia Networks sold it's Vettri TV & Radio to Universal Networks because of the poor trade they produced. I don't know what the situation with VOA other channels.

So No more Vettri Fm & Vettri Tv from VOA networks

Rasika said...

VOA has gone silent in Kandy area and none of their three channels can be heard in kandy. Do not know why it is happening. Anyway it looks like something bad happening at VOA. their financial crisis is bigger and now they are not getting any political backup at all. If they are to overcome the crisis, they have to do something extraodinary becuase if you notice all their channel, you could observe that there are not sufficient advertisements in any of their channel at least cover operational expenses

Rasika said...

SUN FM kandy frequency changed now on 93.5mhz

Rasika said...

Still the best and ideal location to cover most parts of the island is Nuwaraeliya. that is why most of the operators who have started radio stations in 90s and before year 2005 have choosen the location Nuwaraeliya as the primary location to cover the whole island. but the problem is now there are no frequencies availble for Nuwaraeliya. so many of the operators gone for other options such as Magalkanda and Yatiyanthota. because it covers most parts of the western, wayamba, Sabaragamuwa & some parts of the Nuwaraeliya & Kandy.
there is also another advantage. becuase the signals beaming from these two locations covers most of the hilly areas in Kaluthara, Kegalle & Ratnapura districts where Nuwaraeliya could not adequetely cover.
Anyway Magalkanda/Yatiyanthota cannot be used as islanwide frequency becuase it does not cover any area in Northcentral, Uva, Matara, Matale or Hambanthota areas. But Nuwaraeliya frequencies reach some parts of the Polonnaruwa, Badulla, Moneragala and many east side areas of the country where Magalkanda could not reach
However in SUN FM case, they were compelled to use 92.8mhz as the islandwide frequency as they do not have a proper islandwide frequency (90.2 can not be listened as SLBC is disturbing it. it is only a frequeny covering Nuwaraliya & suburbs). Actually 92.8mhz only reaching areas which I have mentioned in above discription and it is not covering any part of the Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Moneragala, Badulla, Matara, Hambanthota & Matale unless there is a hilly area.
But in case of NETH FM, they use 105.9Mhz as their islandwide frequency because they are transmitting from two locations on the same frequency. they are Magalkanda & Nayabedda. as a result they are covering both the areas which I have described in Nuwaraeliya discription (Eastern & Western parts of the Island)

Anonymous said...

Now SATH FM is playing only songs and no programs. That is good I think. good songs, less ads and less talks.
What is their plan ? I like this format and before I was really loving to SIYATHA FM. But now they have changed their format.
SATH FM will continue this format? have they changed their management?
What will they do?

jan said...

@ Rasika,
your previous comment was a great one! but why these fools who gives frequencies for the tv/radio channels(i hope TRC is responsible for this) can't understand these thing? today, if you turn on a radio how many overlapping channels are there? even for TV channels transmitting from the same place they give nearby frequencies and stronger one overlaps the other.. They are acting like there are not enough frequencies for TV channels in srilanka. Why can't they organize these channels in a better way? As an example they can use same frequencies for covering north and south parts of the srilanka.. i.e. they can use same freq for Nayabedda and Gammaduwa coz they are not going to overlap. I think TRC messed up with all these things.. Shame on them!!

mdjlanka said...

New Fm testing on 104 fm with great Srilankan music & some English songs Enjoy ...

nisha said...

It runs by NETH fm team.

At this moment they dont have any idea about New fm channel.

they might be using Fm95 'Colombo' channel studio console for 104 right now.

I think they trying to compete with sath fm. They are running with ad free, News free only music format for last one or two months. that because they have changed there location from Kollpiti to Breabrook place, and they havent much time to arrange their Beams.

Sath fm is the most popular channel in the recent time, with songs only format.

Anonymous said...

Seems SATH FM is going to be the most popular Sinhala FM channel in Sri Lanka. Songls only format is really cool. Welldone ! By the way Sun FM is playing great English songs. Hope they will keep this for a long time. Great ! Thanks Sun FM.

Dilruk said...

Dear Sir,
Meny Of New Tv Channels Only Transmetering Only To Colombo District. We Would Like To Watch Siyatha Tv, Dan Tv, Prime Tv, NTV, CCTV VIS3, Etv, Tv Lanka, Max Tv, MTV, Neo Cricket, Vasantham Tv, Vettri Tv Channels. But All Of This Tv Channels Broadcast Only Colombo DistrictTr.Gampaha District Not Recieve Signals. Please Give All Of That Tv Transmissons To Gampaha District Soon..

Gampaha Distrct All Of Area's Waiting For Your Happy Feed back Soon..

Dilruk said...

Dear Sir,
This Is Gampaha District Tv Transmisson Issues List. Please Help To Us For Good Service ..

Interfier List 2011..
Swarnawahini And Derana Tv Interfier To Siyatha Tv
Derana Tv Interfier To Art Tv
ITN Interfier To Prime Tv
ITN Interfier To Vasantham Tv
Rupavahini(U.H.F) And Channel Eye Interfier To NTV
Sirasa Tv Interfier To VIS3 cctv

No Tv Coverage List
Tv Lanka
Max Tv
Neo Cricket
Vasantham Tv
Vettri Tv

We Are Waiting For Your Happy Feed back Soon..

arjuna_ellepola said...
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ARJUNA said...


1] UNIVISION NETWORKS runs HITZ FM 97Mhz.I thought HITZ was the sister station of SATH FM.
2] SATH FM web site is out
3] Their phones are dead

I think all the above fits well with SATH FM's sudden change in programme line up , may be the management changing ????

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Sam said...

hitz Fm is Sister Channel of Sath Fm It was mention some where i cant remember now

Sam said...
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Rasika said...

Can anyone confirm about the location of the 92.8mhz sun fm becuase I got a news that it is broadcasting from SLBC Yatiyanthota tower. Is that true???

Sam said...





LAG GALA-FM 107.02

ARJUNA said...

2days ago saw a statement on TNL TV saying their 89MHz frequency for ISIRA RADIO is given to another broadcaster despite paying for the frequency for last 14 yrs (to TRC) etc,
Is there any other station on 89Mhz ?

ARJUNA said...

Thanks Sam for the information ,
May be they also want to start something like RHYTHM , YOUTH and SHA ?
But best would be a good sinhala oldies
channel like THARU FM soometime ago isn't it ?.
By the way is there a significant difference in programmes between NETH FM's 95MHz (Colombo)and islandwide 105.9MHz ?

Pushpamal said...

FM Derana has been awarded the official radio broadcaster of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in Sri Lanka.
FM Derana expand their coverage in near future ....

Jaffna - 89.8 MHz
Vavniya - 93.3 MHz
Magalkanda - 94.7 MHz

Sam said...

Arjuna ,

Fm 95 They Started As a Regional Service But Now Its Like A Nother frequency for Colombo.

same programms are going

But those Days it was different because the programs and song they broadcast were different .

Sam said...

Yep Its True That Sath Fm and Hitz Fm have mooved to - 44/25 Braybrooke Street, Colombo ,

Aslam said...

Neo Cricket in SL? FTA over UHF? Since when? Who does the broadcasting?

Sam said...

TV Channel to promote Pakistan Sri Lanka cultural affairs

A telecasting channel to promote cultural affairs between Pakistan & Sri Lanka is to be inaugurated, to coincide with the official visit of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zadari to Sri Lanka later this month.

The Pakistan High Commission’s Press Attache, Daud Ehtisham told The Island that the launch of the telecasting channel and media exchanges were discussed when the Pakistani High Commissioner Seema Illahi Baloch paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Mass Media Keheliya Rambukwalle, at his office in Colombo yesterday.

The exchanges, he said, would include cooperation between the print and electronic media, sharing of publications, expertise and lessons learnt. Baloch had also conveyed her government’s good wishes to the Government and People of Sri Lanka, for its rapid development in an era devoid of war, Ehtisham said.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Senate, Farook Naik and Chairman of the Pakistan Board of Investment, Saleem Mandviwalla, he said would be arriving today or tomorrow, especially to attend the inauguration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s second term on Friday.

"Their presence would signify the close and cordial relations that exist between our two countries."

Asked if Naik and Saleem would also be meeting their counterparts in Sri Lanka, he said that they are expected to, but their itinerary was yet to be finalized.

Zadari accompanied by a near 30-member delegation, including the country’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and representatives of the trade, industry, tourism and educational sectors are scheduled to arrive in Colombo, on November 28.

Meanwhile, over 35 delegates from around 13 countries including Sri Lanka, are scheduled to participate in a policy dialogue organised by the Pakistan Higher Education Commission, to be held in Islamabad from November 23 to 25.

The participants list includes India, United Kingdom, Iran, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal and Turkey. They would be represented by one each from the academic,policymaking and industries sectors.

The aim of the symposium was to share knowledge and expertise . It would explore ways in which the academia, policymakers and industrialists can work together to encourage knowledge transfer and support development within the higher education sector.

ARJUNA said...

Who really has the official rights for the world cup ? SLBC or Derana

Sam said...

SriLanak Cricket One Who Called Bid's For Broadcast Or Telecast Match

So For Telecasting Slrc Got A Chance To Air All The Matche's Until 2011 .(I Cant Remember When They Got This )

But For Broadcasting There were no proper Channel

Its True That All These Matche's were aird by SLBC Because Other Channel's Didnt care That's Why Always SlBC Got A Chance To Air

For The World Cup Its Different. For Telecasting its Ok Because SLRC Got Rights To Air World Cup.

But There Were No FM Radio Chnnel To Air The Matche' .So ICC Decieded To Invite All The Media Instution's Bid For World Cup broadcasting .So Finaly Fm DERANA Got The Chance Air The Match .They Have Bid A big Money .

Now Hudson Samrasingha Got Wilde And Saying nonsense.