Friday, December 31, 2010

Sun rises on Jan 1st

Sun FM is launching tomorrow morning as per the trailers and information on their facebook page. This is a station that avid radio listeners missed over the past year. We wish Sun FM all the best as they rise again in Sri Lanka's airwaves.


Chander said...

Sun Fm Resumed it's operation today grandly
Colombo 98.8
Kandy 107.6
Downsouth & Rajarata 106.7
Nuwara Eliya 103.2
Islandwide 98.8

And according to ABC news Officially Sha resuming soon

Mario said...

These are frequencies as posted on SUN FM face book page.

KEEPING THE ISLE ALIVE ON 98.8 Colombo, 107.6 Kandy, 106.7 Down South, 92.8 Islandwide, 103.2 Raja Rata and 90.2 Nuwara Eliya.!/

Mario said... has site has been updated, with frequencies. Stream quality has also been upgraded.

Mario said...

SUN FM Kandy frequency has been changed to 93.5.

Mario said...

@ Rasika

SUN FM is using 92.8 for Magalkanda for islandwide frequency, and uses 90.2 N'Eliya just for a small radius.

As far as i know all other stations use N'Eliya for islandwide coverage right ? So why cant SUN do the same or is it not possible for other stations also to use Magalkanda for better coverage and penetration ?

Rasika said...

Still the best and ideal location to cover most parts of the island is Nuwaraeliya. that is why most of the operators who have started radio stations in 90s and before year 2005 have choosen the location Nuwaraeliya as the primary location to cover the whole island. but the problem is now there are no frequencies availble for Nuwaraeliya. so many of the operators gone for other options such as Magalkanda and Yatiyanthota. because it covers most parts of the western, wayamba, Sabaragamuwa & some parts of the Nuwaraeliya & Kandy.
there is also another advantage. becuase the signals beaming from these two locations covers most of the hilly areas in Kaluthara, Kegalle & Ratnapura districts where Nuwaraeliya could not adequetely cover.
Anyway Magalkanda/Yatiyanthota cannot be used as islanwide frequency becuase it does not cover any area in Northcentral, Uva, Matara, Matale or Hambanthota areas. But Nuwaraeliya frequencies reach some parts of the Polonnaruwa, Badulla, Moneragala and many east side areas of the country where Magalkanda could not reach
However in SUN FM case, they were compelled to use 92.8mhz as the islandwide frequency as they do not have a proper islandwide frequency (90.2 can not be listened as SLBC is disturbing it. it is only a frequeny covering Nuwaraliya & suburbs). Actually 92.8mhz only reaching areas which I have mentioned in above discription and it is not covering any part of the Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Moneragala, Badulla, Matara, Hambanthota & Matale unless there is a hilly area.
But in case of NETH FM, they use 105.9Mhz as their islandwide frequency because they are transmitting from two locations on the same frequency. they are Magalkanda & Nayabedda. as a result they are covering both the areas which I have described in Nuwaraeliya discription (Eastern & Western parts of the Island)

Mario said...

@ Rasika,

Thanks for all the info. I guess SUN FM will us 92.8 as islandwide until they can sort something out with 90.2 ?

Also the dj's there dont see to know much about frequencies. When i asked if they have a frequency for Jaffna, they told me to try 92.8 becuz its islandwide !! There is no way u can here 92.8 in Jaffna!! Earlier ABC has frequencies for Jaffna for all their stations right ?

Maybe might be able to hear 103.2 Raja Rata frequency ?, transmitting from Gammaduwa is it ?

jan said...
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Mario said...

Just for info.

SUN FM confirmed frequencies

98.8 Colombo ( WTC )
93.5 Kandy ( Hunnasgiriya )
106.7 Down South ( Gongala )
103.2 Rajarata ( Gammaduwa )
90.2 Nuwara-Eliya ( Kikiliyamana )
92.8 Islandwide ( Magalkanda )

Mario said...


How about some news on the closing of PRIME RADIO ?