Friday, December 24, 2010

Sun FM to relaunch on January 1st 2011

Information reaching us suggests that Sun FM will relaunch on January 1st 2011. The frequency is 98.8FM, we are not sure what their kandy & islandwide frequencies will be but hopefully they will be activated over the Christmas weekend.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Sun FM as the days progress.

"Merry Christmas To You All"


Rasika said...

90.2Mhz islandwide frequency activated

Rasika said...

Can you get the heat, the heat is on. SUN resumes on 1st January. It is confirmed, they are carrying out trailers to say that are starting on 1st Jan.
Currently 90.2 is badly disturbed by 90.3 SLBC and it is very difficult to listen to it

Mario said...

They will never be able to use 90.2 as islandwide cuz SLBC uses 90.3 from Haputale and Yatiyanthota. Yatiyanthota is very powerful. Before going islandwide they should launch a Kandy and down south frequency.

Is 98.8 transmitting from WTC or Magalkanda ?

Rasika said...

98.8Mhz - they are transmitting from WTC but it is very powerful and reaching far.
SLBC haputale, they are using 90.4 (not 90.3). it has been adjusted a long time ago. there will be no problem but Yatiyanthota, SLBC is using 90.35Mhz exactly if they can move it to 90.4mhz then there will be no problem either for Max 90.6mhz or SUN 90.2mhz
Other thing is 92.8mhz magalkanda is covering a huge area including the whole western provice and many parts of the Northwestern province upto Puttalam and Sabaragamuwa province upto Ratnapura. It also covers many parts of the Kegalla district and some parts of the Nuwaraeliya and Kandy districts giving good loud and clear coverage.

Mario said...

@ Rasika

Tks for the info update

Steve Finnell said...

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Mario said...

New look Gold FM web site.
Link to SUN FM site is also there

Mario said...

SUN FM is online

Online streaming also activated...

Anonymous said...

90.2 island wide frequency is interfered by both 90.4 SLBC and 90 TNL lite, This can be experienced around Bandarawela area. Hope they'll fix this issue as they resume the services.

Rasika said...

Now SUN FM fully loaded,
Colombo - 98.8Mhz
Kandy - 107.6Mhz
Magalkanda - 92.8Mhz
Nuwaraeliya - 90.2Mhz
Gammaduwa - 101.5Mhz

Mario said...

@ Rasika

89.1 down south, can u confirm this ?

nisha said...

The sun is going yo shine again.
Tomorrow is a Another day

Happy new year to all....

Mario said...

@ Rasika,

for down south coverage, transmit from Gongala ?

Rasika said...

Down south - beaming from Gongala.

Wish you all a happy new year.

shanaka said...

Sun is back n rocking the Cost ***** DOWN SOUTH (Galle) 106.7 MHz

Thnk U Guyz!!!!


shanika said...

Hey guys,

I love SUNFM whether i can listen or not.

Shanika Kalhari Watovita