Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We take this opportunity to wish all our fellow bloggers, staff & management of all media institutions in Sri Lanka a Happy New Year.


Please keep us updated on the latest as the days progress.


David said...

is it true that youth and your fm ceo narenda selanata's sex tape with your fm presnter chetika is leaked???

its hard to confirm it from inside. ppl work their affraid to death to speak abt any ting happening inside. but other channels all know about it. so seems its true..

do u guys knw abt it???

3zzz said...

Happy New Year to all!!!!!

'The Buddhist TV' has commenced free-to-air TV transmission via UHF-53 and Radio transmission via 104.5 FM in Colombo.

Its leant that former TV2 and Radio1 owner Mr.Nahil Wijesuriya's People's Media Network has leased its license to 'The Buddhist TV'

Earlier information from The Buddhist TV said they were planing to go free-to-air with VIS but seems with VIS management crisis they had changed their mind and switch to People's Media.

It says Mr.Hema Nalin Karunaratne (of HTV) has also joined with the Buddhist TV

Rasika said...

Do you have any idea about the date in which the SHA FM going to be relaunched??


Hey Guys SriLanken First Buddhist Tv Channel The Buddhist

Now On Uhf 53 And Fm 104.5

3zzz said...

@ Rasika,
No any confirm date from ABC abt SHAA FM relaunch. It says they are lack of frequencies to cover a greater part of the country. And also they are not certain abt the format as well. They have some thoughts to launch it like Y FM style.

@ David,
Yes, there are some rumors abt such a tape but as you say no one to confirm it. Lots of media giants who were with the Youth and Your when it launched had left the company for various reasons mostly bad reputation among the industry and management issues.

@ CMB Int'l B'fair
Yes, as I noted in my earlier post the Buddhist has started their test transmission of TV and Radio via People's Media Network on 8th April.

There are some news say that Rangiri also start their TV channel (only to Dambulla area first) soon


Hey Guys Rengiri is a Sat Tv Channel Are they Will come With free-to-air TV transmission


Whta Will happen to prime radio

They have mention that they will be back soon


Any one have idea about the Manasa Radio that Going to Come Next month

Manasa Is A Sinhala magazin positive thinking etc...


The Buddhist TV has commenced Terrestrial TV transmission via UHF-53 and Radio transmission via FM 104.5 MHz in Colombo, FM 95.5 MHz in Kandy, FM 99.0 MHz in Ruhuna.

Mario said...

Any knows who is showing the SL vs ENG series ?

Rasika said...

Star Cricket & Channel EYE

Vishwa said...

4th 3G player is at TOWN
Etisalat has commenced their testing on 3G service becoming the 4th player in the country.

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows why CiTi Hitz is playing the same dramas for a long time now? It was a really good channel. Now nothing to watch. Who can watch same drama everyday. Are they have any plan in the future? Who is th owner? are they going to sell it to someone? Please post if you know anything.

3zzz said...

Confirmed sources say Rupavahini chairman Sarath Kongahage has been removed from his post with immediate effect.
Mohan Samaranayake is likely to be appointed as the new chairman.

Mr.Samaranayake has worked at Rupavahini long ago as a producer and later he held positions as Deputy Director General - News, Deputy Director General - Marketing

Then he joined the United Nations and worked as the Director - Communication


Digital Revolution has Begun....!!



3zzz Dont say tha mr kongahage has been remooved

mr kongahage has been apointed has a Ambassador of SriLanka @ malaysia

3zzz said...

@ Colombo Intl' Book Fair

Well, he (Mr.Kongahage) is being removed from the chairman post of Rupavahini.

Some report says that he wanted to stay at least another two months time at Rupavahini and also wanted to be appointed to Germany as the Ambassador but things did not work in favour to him it seems.

His son Devinda Kongahage who was working as the Creative Director at Rupavahini (Ranaviru Real Star) has also been resigned. It says before being removed he tender his resignation.

3zzz said...

well what else to say he (Mr.Kongahage) is being REMOVED.

and it is not yet confirmed that whether or not he has been appointed to this Ambassador position.

report says he wanted to stay at Rupavahini at least another couple of months and wanted being appointed to Germany but seems things didn't work in flavor to him.

his son Devinda Kongahage has also given his resignation. he worked as a creative director (ranaviru real star) it says he gave his resignation before being removed.

Chander said...

Trade Ministry to provide recording rooms for Hiru TV

Local media giant ABC network is to launch its TV channel 'Hiru TV' in September 2011 and discussions are underway to obtain several storage buildings of the Ministry of Trade in Welisara to set up recording rooms, reports say.

Reliable sources say that Minister of Trade, Johnston Fernando has already agreed to rent out several buildings in Welisara.

However, the Hiru TV headquarters is to be established at the World trade Centre building in Fort, where the office of the network's radio service - 'Hiru FM' is situated.

Reports say that Nimal Lakshapathiarachchi is to join the network as the chief of Hiru TV, which aims to broadcast programs of a new trend.

Reynor de Silva is Chairman of the ABC network while Dhammika Tennakoon is appointed as the Promotion Director of the TV channel.

Mr. Reynor de Silva is the elder brother of R. Duminda Silva, who is a monitoring MP to the Defence Ministry.


mdjlanka said...

103.6 sath fm now has been taken over by Vendol adds. Godakanda Herbals owns Vendol.Sath fm was testing for a long time & now it seems that Vendol has taken over it.Menawhile Hitz fm 97 from colombo is off air this frquency was'nt in operation for a long time too.104 fm is silent but in operation with good music seems that this frequencies have been sold or for sale. Lets wait for the Best to come.

Rasika said...

As we predicted in earlier blog, it seems that the fall of many radio stations is inevitable. during the last few years, many has started radio stations thinking that the industry is so comfortable for any number of radio stations. Now we see the result. Still many are running at loss and they are not earning at all. This is not good for the industry and listeners. Becuase finally we are not getting any thing good rather than "BELEK KADA" type radio stations just running for money and profits.

Mario said...

MAX will be launching an English Radio station. Dont know the frequencies yet. A former big shot of Gold FM is General Manager now of MAX Radio.

104 fm is on test transmission now playing a mix of English / sinhala music. Its rumored to be SHA.

@ Rasika - U have any info on this ?

Rasika said...

No. As far as I know, this frequency was allocated to Neth for their tamil radio station. But these days, any thing can happen. Also it looks, ABC is waiting for something and they seem to be not happy about the available or recieved frequencies for SHA FM. So they might look for frequencies of bankrupt radio stations.

Digital TV said...
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3zzz said...

Report says CSN plans to move their office and studios to Pelawatta, Battaramulla.

They have also launched a pub including pool tables as 'CSN Cafe' near Buddadasa ground.

SLPL also going to be telecast via CSN.

CSN CEO is Prasanna Ranatunge (Arjuna's brother) Marketing Director is Prasanna Jayasundara (Rupavahini DDG) Channel Head is Yasara Abeynayake (Ananda Abeynayaka's daughter)


Rangiri tv now on test time to time

Accordingto sarasaviya news peaper


Sky Television & Radio Network (Pvt) Ltd

Who's this


Kumar said...

Rupavahini is going to stat DVB-T o UHF 43 from Kokavil

Chander said...

Sri Lanka ABC media network to launch Hiru TV on October

Sri Lanka’ ABC media network is to launch its TV channel 'Hiru TV' in this October, the Chairman/ Managing director of Asian Broadcasting Rayynor Silva told Asian Tribune.

“We are plans to launch 'Hiru TV' within next 05 months period. It will be a 24 hour channel. At the movement, I can't tell the programme structure of the television” he said.

ABC Radio's licence was suspended by the Sri Lankan Government in late October 2007, affecting all its five radio channels.

Transmission of three networks recommenced in March 2008 under the name Hiru Media Networks. Sha FM is still off air.

Since the first Television network of Sri Lanka (Independent Television Network Limited (ITN)) was launched on the 13th of April 1979, 23 analog terrestrial television networks have come in to existence within Sri Lanka. There are also 15 Satellite networks and 04 pay per view television networks in Sri Lanka.

- Asian Tribune -