Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New tower commissioned in kokavil

The new transmission tower commissioned at kokavil yesterday is set to contain transmission equipment to facilitate DVB-T transmissions. Reportedly state owned channel Rupavahini is set to broadcast initially on DVB-T. This is a major step in digital broadcasting in Sri Lanka since the analog frequencies are getting very crowded.

We hope the private television stations will follow suit and commence DVB-T transmissions to the north too and we hope the new broadcasting tower to be commissioned in peliyagoda is equipped with such facilities.

Specially local radio stations should move to digital transmission soon in order to provide a clear reception for the local public without any frequency overlaps.

However the lack of DVB-T and DVB-A receiving equipment means that only a few people would have the priviledge of receiving these transmissions. We hope steps are taken to provide people with low priced receiving equipment to view DVB transmissions.


Chander said...

Sri Lanka ABC media network to launch Hiru TV on October

Sri Lanka’ ABC media network is to launch its TV channel 'Hiru TV' in this October, the Chairman/ Managing director of Asian Broadcasting Rayynor Silva told Asian Tribune.

“We are plans to launch 'Hiru TV' within next 05 months period. It will be a 24 hour channel. At the movement, I can't tell the programme structure of the television” he said.

ABC Radio's licence was suspended by the Sri Lankan Government in late October 2007, affecting all its five radio channels.

Transmission of three networks recommenced in March 2008 under the name Hiru Media Networks. Sha FM is still off air.

Since the first Television network of Sri Lanka (Independent Television Network Limited (ITN)) was launched on the 13th of April 1979, 23 analog terrestrial television networks have come in to existence within Sri Lanka. There are also 15 Satellite networks and 04 pay per view television networks in Sri Lanka.

- Asian Tribune -


Nalin Kiing said...

According to ITN they're only transmitting Vasantham TV, Vasantham FM & Lakhanda Radio from Kokavil, for surprise they doesn't transmitting their flagship channel ITN channel from Kokavil, I don't know why they are doing like that way. Anyways, any of you guys have any idea about Sirasa TV, Sirasa FM, Derana TV & FM, and all the other English television services like ETV, Art TV and English radio channels transmission from Kokavil??




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