Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everlasting Radio launched

Sri Lanka's newest English Language Radio Station hit the airwaves on FM 97.0 over the least weekend. The channel run by MJF media have also planned a Sinhala Language radio station & TV Channel in the near future.

Many radio stations have been popping up in Sri Lanka like little mushrooms but sadly only to wither away in a few months/years. Only the major high profile broadcasters have been able to carry on broadcasting and make an impact. The coverage of Everlasting Radio is verging on pathetic with some grey areas within Colombo and even worse as you move out of colombo. 

The frequency FM 97.0 has changed hands a couple of times already & we hope that Everlasting Radio would be able to make an effective impact on the Sri Lankan Media Industry.

Everlasting Radio website :



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