Thursday, September 22, 2011

Neo Sports - Dog in the manger attitude

Neo Sports, the Indian Sports broadcaster seems to be having more than it can handle on it's plate and have a dog in the manger attitude when it comes to the broadcast of the Rugby World Cup in the subcontinent. Neo Sports which were granted exclusive rights for the subcontinent are only taking into consideration the Indian public when it comes to the broadcast. An attitude endorsed by all other Indian Sports broadcasters. 

Over the last weekend the Davis Cup was given preference over the Rugby matches played, maybe in India the Davis Cup is more popular but in Sri Lanka the Rugby World Cup is more popular. Although Neo Sports runs two channels with Neo Cricket telecasting mostly reruns of old cricket matches specifically those that India won, they would be doing the Rugby fans a big favour by stopping broadcasts of the old cricket reruns and moving some of the rugby content or Davis content to Neo Cricket and telecasting all the Rugby matches without interruption. If not they can at least share some of the rights with another sports channel.

We hope the IRB would give serious consideration to the plight of the Rugby fans in Sri Lanka & the rest of the subcontinent when an exclusive rights holder doesn't live up to their expectations. In the future rights for India  should be awarded separately and for countries like Sri Lanka a sports broadcaster such as Setanta/Eurosports which is not influenced by India should be granted the rights for broadcasting the matches.

This not only stands true for Rugby but for all other non cricketing sporting content. We hope that the controlling bodies for all other sports would take note and do the needful. For the Rugby this time round it might be too late to do anything at all, if possible the IRB should strictly inform their exclusive rights holders to broadcast all the matches or strip them of the rights immediately and hand them over to broadcasters who are not influenced by India.


admin said...

so true dialog tv should speak to the IRB.the rugby union should do the same...sick of indian channels

Davi said...

DJ Shenaz of YFM is going to be the new head of Youth Radio.

from insiders of both Y FM and Youth confirm this news.

it says he has already tendered his resignation to Y FM and has had several meetings with Youth staff for the last couple of days.

according to the news 'Iraj' was the person behind all this new moves.

Rajapakshe sons asked Iraj to be the CEO of Youth Radio after they chased away the former CEO (night-club runner) Naren Seelanata who caught red-handed slipping millions of bucks to his pocket from Youth.

if Iraj accept the CEO position in Youth he will lose other media channels exposure and its not good for him.

so without exposing he is putting DJ Shenaz to be the puppet head while he runs channel behind the scene.

Rasika said...

SLBC is reorganising their channels. Now the Rajarata Sevaya is stopped and playing music only. looks like they are going to relaunch it. Also they have renamed the Wayamba handa as Wayamba radio and broadcasting on both 99.6mhz from Karagahatenna and on 102.6mhz from Yatiyanthota. In the meantime, they have started again broadcasting their English radio channel from Karagahatenna on different frequency 97Mhz.



what is the Ad Telecast on Tv Derana . It says I cant remember the exact Thing but they say the tv Was lost on Pannipitiya

Pushpamal said...

VIS3 - CCTV News
Now On-Air
UHF 29 - Colombo

3zzz said...

Veteran artiste Titus Thotawatta bids a fairytale farewell today

සුරංගනා ලෝකයට නික්මුණු සොඳුරු අදියුරු ටයි මහත්තයා


Who owns

3zzz said...

Friday, October 21, 2011 - 04.00 GMT
TV channels to be digitalized

The Digital Broadcasting T2 (DVB T2) system will be introduced to all television soon.

The Ministry of Mass Media will make an official announcement next week calling for all private television channels to convert gradually from present Analog system to Digital, the Ministry Secretary W. B. Ganegala said.

The government had taken this policy decision to keep up with changes taking place globally, he added.

The Secretary said "At present all the 55 frequencies had been issued to operators. After their conversion to digital system there would be sufficient frequencies left and with the change viewers would also have better quality pictures"

"Initially in 2012 the conversion would be phased out in the Western and the Northern Provinces and there on will be extended to the other seven Provinces".

He said that television set and ancillary equipment importers would be discouraged not to invest in Analog technology with the gradual conversion to the digital system.

He said that this would be a five year programme and the government would shut off the Analog system by 2017.

The Director (Economic Affairs)Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) Nelum Jayaweera said that this conversion would be a boon for Sri Lankans. Earlier a TV or Radio channel was allocated only one frequency each. With the change from the analog to the digital a dozen channels would be able to operate out of one frequency and there would be plenty of new frequencies that could be acquired by operators.

The Ministry of Information was the sole authority for the issuing of TV or Radio frequencies. At present there were 13 private TV channels, 26 Radio Channels, three Satellite TV Channels Satcom, Satnet and Dialog and two cable TV operators City Cable Links Ltd and Lanka Broadband Network.


madushan chamikara said...

is hiru tv on air from tomorrow??

nisha said...

kirula fm now on air

Maharajas new channel

SAMPATH said...

Still no Hiru tv...They didn't decide yet to start their HIRU tv...It may be within next mahen pls don't tell lies>>> :(


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Asset Broadcasting To Launch New Tamil Radio Channel On Fm 104

Now They are Testing On 04 Fm

Mahen said...

yer your correct!! there playing Tamil songs continually


Vendol Media Networks Has Started TESTRANSMISSION

3zzz said...

Former SLBC 'Pavana' 'City FM' Director Swarna Gunawardena is said to be the head of 'Vendol Radio'

Vendol has leased former 'Sath FM' frequencies from Lakshman Hulugalla.

Studios are being built in Pasyala, Godakanda Headquarters premises.