Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012

We take this opportunity to wish all our fellow bloggers the management and staff of all media institutions in Sri Lanka,

"A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012"


Kumar said...

Frequency allocation in North create problems to listeners in North, northern people didn't hear SLBC Tamil National Service for more than 20 years, but Thendral FM came in 2003 from Jaffna. But in recent Kokavil transmission, SLBC Tamil National Servcice started on FM 97.0, Unfortunately Same FM 97.0 was given to Vasantham FM to transmit from Jaffna, therefore people in Jaffna still unable to listen Tamil National Service on 97.0. They can listen all the services from Kokavil clearly even they can listen Vasantham FM on FM 91.8 from Kokavil. Can relevant authorities take action to solve this problem.

C51Creations said...

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Revox said...

My New TV has digital TV on it, So I scanned for channels (took a long time)and found 8 channels.

Here are the channels...

Channel C
Sinhala Tele D Channel
Tamil Channel

The booster has to be on for the channels to work. (I'm in Colombo)
The formatting is wrong (4:3) on most of the channels. Video and Audio quality is very good.

3zzz said...

@ Revox

It's Dialog Digital TV test transmission.

Dialog started their DVB-T pilot project some times back but had to abandon it as Europe upgraded its DVB to DVB-T2.

DVB-T can only allocate maximum 6-8 channels but T2 can allocate 18-20.

Cost wise Dialog in deep sh*t as it's so expensive them to upgrade its T1 transmission in to T2.

Anyhow they started their test transmission again and now operates that you mentioned 8 channels only in Colombo area. (Transmitting from their Dematogoda tower)

As heard Rupavahini is about to start its Digital transmission from Kokavil tower to North. All equipment installed and being testing at the moment.

Revox said...

@ 3zzz

Thanks Machan for the info.

Will my TV receive DVB-T2 also when it starts in 2013. What are the specs I have to look out for, if you know?

Kumar said...

Anybody having an idea about which TV brands/models having DVB-T and DVB-T2?

E2C said...

hey admin any news about dvb T Test transmission on dialog .........

nilantha said...

@ 3zzz,

When Rupavihini, ITN, Sirasa TV and other channels are going to start their Digital Transmission in Colombo? Do you have any rough idea about it?

3zzz said...

@ Revox

No, your TV does not receive T2 singles. You may have to buy a set-top box or a new TV with T2 enabled ;)

@ Kumar

Almost all famous brands now produce Digital enabled TV sets but the problem is our TV vendors don't import them.

SL havn't officially announced its standard whether it's DVB-T1 or T2 or anything else.

So be sure before you buy a Digital Tv whether it can be used in SL.

@ Nilantha

Not even a single channel has ever tried to do a digital test transmission in Colombo except Dialog.

The thing is when it comes to Digital Transmission it's a waste if each and every channel transmit their channel separately.

Either Govt or a private entity shall build the platform using few frequencies and allocate the space to present channels to provide their content through it.

Then channels like Sirasa & TNL oppose to give their content to Govt or private party with the fear of censorship.

Yet Minister, Secretary and the Media Ministry haven't finalized or solved any of these issues.

Chander said...

ABC Radio Networks set to provide 1st digital TV experience to Sri Lanka.

ABC Radio Networks is prepared to gift the first digital television experience to the Sri Lankan television history in a few days.

A group of talented artists in the industry have joined with ABC Radio Networks to bring this experience closer to the viewers.

Proving this once again the Post Production Manager of our television channel which will be launched in the near future Jeewantha Dewapriya won the award for the Best Production at the Television State Awards Ceremony which was held yesterday.

He was awarded with the State Award for the Best Television Production for year 2010 for a creative production which he had undertaken.

Viraj Waliwatte who works as the Production Director of our television channel was awarded for the Best Audio Video Song at the recent Sumathi Awards Ceremony.

Many creative talented persons in the industry have joined ABC Radio Networks to gift the first digital television experience to the viewers of Sri Lanka in the near future using latest technology.

rasika chamara said...

Digital TV Channels In South (Matara)
Ad code here7 Digital Channels Now in Matara

Channel C
Buddhist TV
Kalinager TV

screen shots please check





Davi said...

February 1st Youth FM will going to relaunch to "SINHA FM"


MTV/MBC Network To Launch New Tv Channel It Shold be a SPOTRS CHANNEL TRAGETING THE T20 WORLD CUP

honeyclarck said...

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Charles said...

Hiru TV is jamming the Sirasa TV frequency (UHF 23 from Gammaduava-Mathale)from Hunnasgiriya or Badulla,Sirasa TV viewers of Mathale,Kurunegala and other areas who are using UHF 23 are now in a truble joining with islands #1 independent Sinhalese news broadcaster. I have informed TNL & Swarnavahini about this, because they are also in trouble with this newcomer, Mr. Shan Wickramasinghe told via T.N.L radio that he has taken the necessary action to save his broadcasting sites, but I don't know about the other broadcasters, viewers are advised not to carry their TV sets to for repairs, because it's not a technical fault of your TV set. Thank you..

TOSS said...


FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012

Transmission frequency reserved for TNL illegally allocated to another

In separate letters addressed to Lalith Weeratunga, Chairman and Anusha Palpita Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, the Chairman of the Teleshan Network Shaan Wickremesinghe has alleged that the transmission frequency reserved for his network has been illegally allocated to another network.

In his letter to the Chairman of the TRC, Lalith Weeratunga, Wickremesinghe notes that several TV stations are in real trouble due to the TRC issuing their frequencies to a favoured lot who are re-organizing to start fresh.

Writing to the Director General of the TRC Anusha Palpita, Wickremesinghe says that Channel 26
had been used by his network for twenty years, but his network had recently received several complaints that viewers were unable to view his channel due to severe interference.

He goes on to say that upon investigation, it was revealed that Asia Broadcasting had been allocated
the use of Channel 26 from Gammaduwa using 10 kilowatts of power, which is an illegal act by the
TRC which is currently a member of the International Telecommunication Union.

He also makes note of his surprise as to why the TRC issued frequencies to Asia Broadcasting and Voice of Asia after obtaining reservation charges from his network.

Wickremesinghe points out that some years ago these channels were issued channels around 40, but they were cancelled by the TRC as they were not used.

He noted that Asia Broadcasting then went to court to get back the original channels.

Wickremesinghe says that it is therefore a mystery as to why their original channels were not allocated
and instead, his channels in the same area were issued.

In his letter the Chairman of the Teleshan network requests the Director General to stop this illegal
transmission and adhere to the frequency reservations already made according to the seniority of

He went on to outline the definition of the word "reservation" according to the Oxford dictionary, as,
quote, "…keeping aside or booking or part of an agreement to keep something reserved" unquote.

Meanwhile, reports reveal that several other networks affected by this arbitrary allocation of
frequencies would be taking this matter up with the TRC in the next few days.

Tag: Sri Lanka News, Newsfirst, Lankanews, Chairman of the TRC, Anusha Palpita Director General of
the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Chairman of the Telshan network Shaan Wickramasinghe

Sampath Dissanayake said...

New tv channel is comming soon..ownes by Maharajah group ....this is like HIRU tv...