Thursday, September 06, 2012

"Max Television" Blockbusters

It should be noted & appreciated that local English Language FTA channel Max Television has been premiering movies faster than certain Indian pay English movies channels available in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka FTA channels had previously been telecasting movies that are considerably old but Max has made a difference and is telecasting much newer movies. One example is the movie Real Steel which was due to premiere on a Saturday night on Star Movies India but Max Television premiered the movie a couple of days prior. 

This is really good & we hope the other local FTA channels take note and start premiering movies and television serials much faster within Sri Lanka for the benefit of the people who rely on FTA television for their entertainment purposes. Sri Lankan FTA English channels are capable of running television serials on the same day they are premiered in the UK/US, we hope to see this style in the near future.

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Hassan Ashraf said...

Love your photos and reminders of gratitude...I have come to appreciate not like ruts in the road !!!
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