Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sirasa begging for pay television carriage

Local FTA television channels Sirasa TV, MTV Sports then known as Channel One MTV & Shakthi TV owned by the Capital Maharaja group that proudly proclaimed over the newspapers barring any pay television company from carrying any of their three channels & also in an interview scoffed at the idea of pay television in Sri Lanka and claiming that the business will never be successful in Sri Lanka are now begging for space on the pay television providers.

After successfully begging themselves onto PEO TV now the Capital Maharaja's are begging to be on Dialog TV. Comments are appearing on this blog requesting for Sirasa TV although some of them are genuine users, most of them seem to be an organised attempt by the Maharaja's to give a false impression that Sirasa is the most wanted channel on pay television plus the Blogger ID's that are requesting Sirasa have been created as recently as Jul/Aug 2012.

So it seems that the Capital Maharaja's have had to eat their own words and have taken begging to a whole new level & are now the new "Superstar's of Begging".

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