Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sha FM, Everlasting Radio, etc, etc

The ABC Radio network operated Sha FM has returned to the airwaves on FM 90.9Mhz & 91.1MHz after a lapse of several years according to information being received. The launch coincided with the reorganization of frequencies of all the FM radio stations in the island. At the moment Sha will operate as a 24X7 non-stop music channel.

In other news, several other radio stations are in the pipeline such as Global Radio & Lakviru FM which are expected to launch in due course.

Everlasting Radio which was operating on FM 97MHz has ceased transmissions since last night and was expected to launch today with a brand new frequency but no information has been released as yet on the status of the channel.

Overall the frequency reallocation seems to have progressed without any problems. A few grey area's in coverage exist when the channels switch frequencies. We hope these are addressed as soon as possible.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Everlasting Radio as well as the impact of the frequency reallocation as the hours & days progress.


Madhu Perera said...

SLBC was not available since last evening. Lakhanda is not clear

Mario said...

Everlasting radio now on air 101.5

Sam said...

What is this are its The Buddhist Radio Channel

Sam said...

on 101.5

againg trc going to messup

sudesh karunarathna said...

time radio 97.4 and 107.5

Madhu Perera said...

Still SLBC channels not available except Ruhunu Service. Not aware of other parts of the island but to Uva province.
Lite, Rangiri, Lakhanda & some others which were availble earlier are still not clear.

Rajesh Chandran said...

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