Friday, November 09, 2012

Everlasting Radio & ESPN Star Sports buyout

English Radio station Everlasting Radio which was allocated FM 101.50MHz has ceased broadcasting over the airwaves & is presently available only online for the past several days. Everlasting Radio are calling it "routine maintenance", but it seems to be more than that. Normally Radio Stations don't cease broadcasting to carry out maintenance. It seems that they have some problem with the frequency allocated and thereby had to cease broadcasting. We hope "Everlasting Radio" returns with a more powerful signal since there were several complains after the frequency allocation regarding the clarity of the channel.

In other news, the operators of Star Television Network & Fox International Channels "News Corp" have completed the buyout of the Disney stake in ESPN Star Sports joint venture. This makes ESPN Star Sports a wholly owned operation of News Corp unlike earlier. This will eventually result in the rebranding of ESPN as another "Star Sports" or would most likely lead to the introduction of "Fox Sports" to the Indian subcontinent. We believe that the rebranding could take place as early as next year. As per the details of the joint venture termination, Disney could return to the sports market in Asia with ESPN after a period of approximately 5 years due to a non competitive clause being built into the agreement.


sonik said...

Well looks like we are about to get ourselves a partially owned satellite in space. Launch date November 22nd 10.00 UTC

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