Friday, November 02, 2012

TRC mucks up "Everlasting Radio" frequency allocation

The TRC which carried out the reorganization of frequencies to the local FM radio stations in order to prevent frequencies from interfering with each other have right royally messed up with the allocation of the "Everlasting Radio" frequency. The frequency allocated to "Everlasting Radio" is the same allocated to the "The Buddhist" & is therefore causing interference between the two stations.

Even though "Everlasting Radio" says that it will be increasing the power of their transmitters to improve coverage throughout Colombo & the suburbs, it's quite evident that they will not be able to provide island wide coverage. Even "The Buddhist" will not be able to provide island wide coverage due to this problem. Even though "The Buddhist" has also been allocated FM 101.3MHz, interference with "Everlasting Radio"  will occur once power is increased on that frequency.

The TRC carried out the very thing they were trying to avoid in the case of "Everlasting Radio" & "The Buddhist". We hope immediate steps are taken to rectify the situation so that both channels can broadcast island wide without any interference by reallocation once again the frequency issued to "The Buddhist:" or "Everlasting Radio".

In other news it's reported that the reception of stations such as Lite FM & some SLBC channels are not good as they used to be prior to the reallocation. We hope the stations concerned will address the issues faced by their listeners. The problems seem to exist mainly with listeners who reside outside Colombo.


Rasika said...


apart from the buddhist and everlasting issue, the other issue is a technical matter and right now most of the technicians and engineers are heavily working on adjusting their antennas to suit this new system. since this is a new concept, it will take some time adjust everything perfectly to have a clear reception for all the areas. for example SUN FM was earlier used to transmit from Magalkanda on 92.8mhz but after the new frequeny allocation, they have ceased the transmission from that point and gone back to Nuwaraeliya for islandwide broadcast. Likewise SLBC has established 10kw high powered transmitters in Yatiyanthota. all SLBC channels can be heard clearly upto Anuradhapura from there. Also SLBC karagahatenna is beaming very clear signals on new frequencies after the change. But we heard that some this is wrong in Haputale. it may be due to adjustments in antennas. hopefully it will be ok after another few days.

Vishwa said...

Hi Everyone; just to clarify one question in my mind. can anybody tell me how do these radio chs Who have given only one frequency to cover whole island manage. ex. Y FM was having four freqs to cover the island (92.6-Western, 91.2-Central, 101.7-Souhth& Uva and some other frq for NCP, but it has only 92.7 to cover whole island. have change thier antenna (transmitters) location or...
same thing for other ch too
Pls clarify above...

Vijay Wijeysinghe said...

Dear Sir,

In regards to your argument about The Buddhist Channel 101.3 and Everlasting 101.5.

First of all, your first statement is wrong, as the frequency allocated to both stations are different, as Buddhist Channel has been given 101.3, while Everlasting has 101.5, which is of a difference of 200KHZ, as per TRC standards, which should not cause interference between two stations, provided their transmitters are properly tuned.

If your argument stands, then there are two other instances where the same is occurring.

The first is the shared pairing between Kiss FM, which is 96.9 and Real Radio, which is 97.1, both of which belong to VOA Network, and the second is, Colombo Communications Ltd's RAN FM on 88.1 and EFM on 88.3, where there is hardly any interference.

So far, I have not heard on their broadcast or seen on their websites, that either station is going for island-wide, which leaves the question, as to how the Admin of this blog came to the conclusion that either is going island-wide, as surely you must be dreaming. Most of the stations that newly came up have got down cheap transmitters, that are far below standards, and without band pass filters, due to which interference will occur. It is not the fault of the TRC, it is solely the responsibility of the stations to upgrade their equipment to the international standards.

I must praise the TRC and say, Well Done, for sorting out this mess in the Sri Lanka radio frequencies at last.

Rasika said...


I really agree with your comment. Because most of these problems are due to equipment with low standards. Many radio station do not have proper equipments or transmitters to cope up with this situation.
But compare the quality of broadcasting of ABC channels. No interference, very clear in most parts of the country. So why can't other broadcasters use this method to broadcast their channels clearly to every part of the country.

Kumar said...

Apart from equipment, technical standard to avoid interference from two channels is 300kHZ, if both are same perception of interfernece is less.

Niaz Chowdary said...

Not exactly true. As an engineer I can tell you, that if two channels are not the same, 200KHZ is sufficient, provided that

1. The transmitter power in Colombo must maximum 2KW.
2. Deviation should be 65-75%
3. A band-pass filter is needed
4. Reflection power in antenna should be below 5W.
5. The Antenna gain for both frequencies should be same. If one goes above the other, then only there is interference. The two Antennas should be at a minimun distance of 5kms from each other.
6. The Audio output must be maintained within the standards. The reason being that if the Audio output is jacked up, it will increase the deviation and thus affect the harmonics of the other frequency.
7. The two companies must agree to maintain the above and also the transmitters must be up to date and new ones, which meet the international standards of today, not cheap ones that probably don’t even meet past standards.
8. The direction of the Antenna (polar pattern) must be adjusted in such a way by both operators, so as not to jam with the other.

It is because the above are not met, that there is interference and issues. This is a major problem with SLBC and a few other private channels. You cannot properly catch any of the SLBC frequencies, because they are jammed. E.g. the Yatiyantota SLBC transmitters are transmitting at 10KW, so, the 91.9 signal is jamming their own SLBC National service operating on 91.7. The audio being the same, there is a small delay. The Colombo signal is getting jammed with the same service coming from the Yatiyanthota transmitter, causing a echo issue. People are not aware of this, but its happening.

In the end, if the TRC could standardize the outstation and Colombo transmitting power, deviation and Antenna Pattern, then these issues will be avoided. My hope is that with this new system, this will be implemented.

Mario said...

Everlasting Radio off air from Monday.

Website says they are temporary closed for maintenance !!!

Never heard of a radio station closing for maintenance!!!

Shevantha De Silva said...

I wonder if its really maintenance, or if some of the bigger stations, that are threatened by Everlasting Radio's music (which imho is much better than most), are trying to block them unethically.

I'm an avid listener of the station and this is just annoying.

Melvin Rodrigo said...

I am an ardent fan of Everlasting Radio and I agree with Shevantha to a certain extent.

Was there a conspiracy to block Everlasting Radio from airing our loved programs.

All the existing channels are in operation, except Everlasting Radio. Not only that, a new pair of frequencies, allocated to a new channel, which has commenced transmission on the 1st Novemeber (Shaa FM 90.9/91.1 FM).

How come TRC??? Was there a raw deal and conspiracy behind this saga??? We as listeners are entitled to know the truth. That is our right!!!

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