Monday, November 11, 2013

Stop violating the privacy of promo winners!

It's become a habit on local television & radio media to announce the winners address if one wins some sort of promo. This is happening for quite some time with no regard for individuals privacy. Hiru TV has been the latest culprit where they visit peoples houses and give then cash for watching their programmes and require those poor unsuspecting people to reveal their home address for the whole of Sri Lanka to hear.

This will result in the winners of promo's to become the target of pranksters and will inevitably result in some sort of tragedy if this unethical blatant violation of privacy goes unchecked by the authorities. We hope the authorities take immediate steps to prevent media institutions from revealing peoples addresses on air. To give a general idea of where the winner is located, the area of residence can be revealed but the revealing of the full address including the house no, street name, etc is not required. Sometimes telephone numbers are revealed.

We have seen this happen on Hiru TV very often as of late and a number of others too from time to time.

We hope the management of Hiru TV take steps to immediately stop the revealing of addresses and other media take steps not to do this in the future. As far as we know all of the local media institutions have done this from time to time but at the moment Hiru TV is taking it to a whole new level by doing this regularly for all their promo winners.

Radio & TV stations beware, you are responsible for this violation of privacy and if tragedy is to befall your  promo winners then you are responsible and the we urge the authorities to take immediate action against this and cancel the licenses of those who don't comply.


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Golden Pekoe said...

The NTV Channel which is operated by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has changed their logo. It looks like that SLRC have relaunched the channel.

Golden Pekoe said...

And NTV is available on PEO TV once again

Golden Pekoe said...

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