Monday, November 18, 2013

"NTV" relaunches as "ntv"

The English language television channel known as "NTV" which commenced operations a few years ago has been relaunched just prior to the CHOGM last weekend. The channel now know as well "ntv", has had a refreshed logo which frankly looks hideous when compared to the previous one.

This channel orginally started off as an English one and then was reduced to just a couple of hours per day and for the rest of the day "Rupavahini" was being broadcast on this frequency. Frankly it looked more like this channel would die a natural death in a couple of months. However with the relaunch it just might survive just a bit longer. It's quite unclear as to what this channel will carry, over the weekend it was carrying programmes related to the CHOGM summit as were all the other SLRC channels and last evening some old "Discovery Channel" content. Judging by the content that has been running as of now, it seems that the channel will carry more "national" programmes in the English language. The website lists a couple of Chinese movies but with no detailed schedule.

The coverage of this channel seems to have improved with the relaunch but by only that much.