Monday, January 27, 2014

Channel Eye resumes cricket broadcasting

After losing out to (actually being robbed of) cricket broadcasting rights by CSN due to political influences, SLRC's Channel Eye & NTV have resumed broadcasting cricketing content. We are unable to confirm whether this is just a one time move or whether Channel Eye will continue broadcasting "LIVE" cricket after this tour comes to a close.

CSN which won the rights to Sri Lankan cricketing controversially were broadcasting all cricketing content involving Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka & overseas. This sudden shift comes as a surprise. It's good news to the cricket lover in Sri Lanka who may not be privileged to have subscribed to pay television, since SLRC's quality of broadcast and coverage far supersede's that of CSN.

We hope that NTV will only carry a simulcast and will not at any point in time be used to carry out a sole broadcast since NTV's coverage is much worse than CSN. Channel Eye should at all times be broadcasting the cricket & if not then "Rupavahini" should take over.

Since Channel Eye is the defacto sports channel operated by SLRC we believe that the matches will always be available on it and NTV will broadcast the matches only as a simulcast.


Mario said...

@ The moment on EYE is telecasting the match. NTV has normal programming.

Nandasiri Wanninayaka said...

I think CSN must have given up this series as it is not profitable revenue-wise. Just a thought. No concrete evidence as yet.

Unknown said...

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