Friday, January 31, 2014

The so-called Sports channels

It's sad to note the plight of the two so-called sports channels in Sri Lanka, namely CSN (Carlton Sports Network) & MTV Sports. So far non of them have confirmed the "LIVE" broadcast of the RBS Six Nations Rugby, MTV Sports states on their facebook page that they will have highlights of the matches throughout the tournament, but it doesn't say anything about "LIVE" broadcasts.

CSN the champion of rugger in Sri Lanka seems to be ignoring this tournament too, with no mention of it on their website, they too seem to have swept it under the rug, CSN a partner for Setanta Sports, the pay television network that even though they haven't secured rights for the entire region have allocated a special feed for all their partners in Sri Lanka to be able to broadcast the rugby. CSN used to broadcast rugby live from Setanta but the past few months has seen a decline in the rugby specially after the cricket came on CSN. 

This tournament is held during evening hours Sri Lanka time and it seems that neither sports channels CSN & MTV Sports are willing to let their regular entertainment programming slide for a sporting event. There is no point in calling them sports channels.

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