Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sony Six acquiring rights to FIFA till 2018, leaves local pay television subscribers in the lurch

With the announcement that pay television channel Sony Six has acquired the rights to major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup events until 2018 which covers two World Cup events & Eurocup events has left subscribers of local pay television providers in the lurch since none of them provide Sony Six on their network.

Recently the Sri Lanka - Pakistan series which was broadcast on Sony Six was missed by pay television subscribers, the only consolation being that CSN carried the event, however this resulted in paying subscribers watching a sub standard broadcast.

Its highly likely that CSN will broadcast the FIFA events due to the power position that they wield however since their broadcast is primarily targeted at FTA viewers, local pay service providers should take steps to add Sony Six onto their lineup.

With Sony Six which is widely regarded as the - new kid on the block - when it comes to sports broadcasting, they took the step of carrying Rugby via Setanta to the Indian audience which none of the other big names in the sports business did. However the recent spate of developments indicate a maturing of Sony Six which is now ready to take on the big guns such as Star & Ten Sports. This maturing could mean that Sony might move away from broadcasting Rugby based events and concentrating more on sports that appeals Indian audiences such as Cricket & Football. Nevertheless Sony Six is a must for pay television networks in Sri Lanka since the time will come when Sony Six contests for high profile cricketing tournaments, football & possibly F1. It's best to get the channel onboard now than to wait & pay higher subscription costs later once they ramp up content.

Over to the management of Dialog TV, Peo TV & LBN Cable TV.... lets see who adds Sony Six first.

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