Thursday, January 02, 2014

TNL strengthens web presence

As the New Year dawned on Jan 1st TNL Networks launched websites & strengthened their social media presence. Even though the English channels (TNL Radio & Lite FM) operated by TNL have a strong web & social media presence, the same cannot be said about the TNL TV & their Sinhala Language channel.

However establishing a strong web presence isn't sufficient to resurrect this struggling giant, with low broadcast quality & programming the channel continues to be one of the least watched in the country.

It seems that a programme revamp is on the cards but how sooner or when it will take place is anybody's guess. It would have been ideal if TNL TV increased broadcast quality & revamped the programme lineup to coincide with their renewed web efforts. A new logo is a must for TNL TV, since the present one should be one should be on a museum shelf.

Please keep us updated on the latest on TNL TV as the days progress.

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