Monday, February 03, 2014

CSN showcases RBS 6 Nations

After a string of days with no clear broadcaster for RBS 6 Nations over FTA in Sri Lanka, it is pleasing to note that CSN carried the matches "LIVE" for Sri Lankan FTA audiences. The broadcast which was pulled off the special feed provided by "Setanta Sports" for their partners in Sri Lanka which was run without the "Setanta" logo on all platforms.

It is clear that over the two (three if Channel Eye is also taken into consideration) sports channels in Sri Lanka, CSN seems to be the one thats coming out on top. This is not considering cricketing content.

With RBS 6 Nations seemingly to come on CSN over the next few weeks, its yet to be seen if the Winter Olympics are broadcast over local airwaves. With Russia being the host, it seems that it will be & hopefully won't be exclusive to any channel, since there are many simultaneous events. A combination of channels such as Channel Eye, NTV, MTV sports, CSN would do a better job.

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