Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Channel One MTV - Schedule, Full Day & Sound

Just like to inform Channel One MTV to do some major changes to their line up.

Have a full day broadcast. Do not broadcast Shakthi TV & Channel One on one frequency as MTV is only available in the morning for two hours and then after 9:00PM. Get Channel One on a seperate frequency and then there will be more popularity. Commence the transmissions of BBC World once the full day broadcast is initiated. The Simpson's is shown at 11:00PM whereas She Spies with provacatively dressed women is shown at 10:00PM. Wonder which can be watched by children.

You guys show great movies at times, but keep up the good work. A full day or 24 hour broadcast would be ideally and then you can say "ONE IS ENOUGH, TWO AND THREE MEAN NOTHING".

Please integrate NICAM Stereo also into broadcasting sound and give us a full stereo experience.

Please comment on this and others raised in this blog.

Thank You for your time Sir,

Originally Posted on Thursday July 14, 2005 - 03:18pm (IST)

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