Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dedicated Sports Channel a must

It is a big blow for Sri Lankan cricket fans as the Sri Lanka - New Zealand cricket matches are not being shown over the local media.

Only the people who are privileged to have access to cable television are able to view the matches on Star Sports. This brings into light the need for Sri Lanka to have a channel dedicated to sports and showing a wide variety of sporting events and not limiting itself to cricket. We are getting reports that Rupavahini and MTV had shown an interest but due to some reason they pulled out thereby depriving the millions of cricket fans in Sri Lanka of these matches.

If a private broadcaster is not willing to start a sports only channel then it is upto SLRC to come up with one since a sports only channel will be very popular in this country.

We also need a channel dedicated for educational programs too. Since too many channels are devoting themselves towards soap operas and teledramas.

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