Friday, October 08, 2010

Amazing Race Asia Season 4 touches down in Sri Lanka

"The Amazing Race Asia", the Asian Edition of the one of the biggest reality shows in the US "The Amazing Race", touched down in Sri Lanka in a surprising move. Challenges were held in various locations in & around colombo. The pit stop for this leg of the race was the Independence Square and the next leg of the race which will be telecast next week is scheduled to begin in Sri Lanka with more challenges taking place.

The US Edition of "The Amazing Race" touched down in Sri Lanka several years ago on a short stop over, this is however a much longer visit.

It was a treat to see our locals from fisher folk to garment factories getting involved in the show's challenges. The major set back was the shameful display by our Trishaw drivers who kept over charging the contestants by charging them whopping amounts such as Rs 900/= to Rs 3000/= for hires within Colombo.

The Amazing Race Asia is telecast over AXN Asia which is available in Sri Lanka on LBN & Dialog TV.


flash2000lk said...

just watched ... grate .. Nugegoda to Independence Square Rs.3000 :-O

T. said...

It seemed like most of the teams were swindled by the trishaw drivers. I've never been to Sri Lanka but Rs3000 is extortionate for a trishaw ride within the city. The episode even ends with the trishaw driver brazenly demanding his full fee and the Indian racers having to beg for money to pay the "ransom" after losing their initial placing. Very disgraceful and it will definitely give a very poor impression of Sri Lanka to anyone in Asia watching this popular TV series.

Afham said...

This is not what Sri Lanka is all about. Unfortunately absence of regulation has meant that the presenters could paint a prefabricated and sensational picture. More unfortunately a company like Dilaog earning its keep from this land is allowing Sri Lanka to be showcased in such poor and falsified light. This is a humble Sri Lankan assuring any tourist that nothing could be further than the truth about Sri Lanka.