Tuesday, October 05, 2010

ABC testing 98.8FM -> Sun FM?

Asian Broadcasting Corporation is testing 98.8FM and we expect Sun FM to resume transmissions on the frequency. The location of the broadcast tower is not confirmed as yet. At the moment they are testing the channel using non stop English Music. The transmission is not as powerful as those of Gold FM but it may improve over the next few days.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding these test transmissions.


Rasika said...

Anyone can't say what the exact transmission is. It is still early to say whether it is SUN or SHA because last few days they have chceked 92.8Mhz, 95.8Mhz and now they are testing 98.8Mhz. Looks like they all are transmitting from Magalkanda. At the same time I could observe there is slight change in the originally allocated frequencies. Probably ABC is going to use 102.8Mhz instead 98.8mhz for Colombo area. According the reception quality out of Colombo. It can be confirmed that it is beaming from Magalkanda.

Mario said...

I think 102.8 would be the best frequency for SUN or SHA from Colombo. All the others have stations close by which will interfere. 92.6 YFM, 95.6 SLBC English, 99.0 Shree.

The closest to 102.8 is 102.2 Ran.

Already there is an issue with REAL 87.8 and SLBC Sinhala 87.6 in and around Col 7 and Bamba areas

Rasika said...

Where are you all?
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