Friday, November 30, 2012

BBC Entertainment & CBeebies BBC exit subcontinent market

A few weeks ago it was reported that BBC Entertainment & it's sister channel CBeebies BBC will exit the subcontinent today 30th Nov 2012. Therefore today will be last day these channels will be broadcasting in this region. This decision was taken by largely considering the Indian pay television market. No consideration was given by BBC to the other countries in the region such as Sri Lanka where the local pay television network operators do not charge carriage fees unlike in India where the channel pays the pay television network operators to make the channel available on their networks.

The two BBC channels which are commercial free have no commercial viability due to the payment of carriage fees to the operator.

Whether BBC Entertainment & CBeebies BBC is available or not in India is not the concern of this blog, rather BBC Management should take steps to open up another Asian feed for a market such as ours which is more friendly towards the pay television channels.

We hope BBC takes necessary steps to retain their two channels to their viewers in Sri Lanka.


patson said...

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TVLANKA DVBT channels are broadcasting out of the UHF band, above 690 MHz & unable to tune.

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