Monday, November 18, 2013

Max TV relaunches as You TV

English Language channel Max TV under went a soft relaunch as "You TV". The relaunch took place over the CHOGM weekend. The channel that carried "Al Jazeera" for the a major part of the day is now carrying "France 24", a 24X7 English news channel that as the name suggests has its roots in France.

Ever since its relaunch the channel hasn't carried any sort of Entertainment programming unlike Max TV before. So far it has been carrying only France 24 and advertising products marketed by parent company. If this channel is to survive then it will not do so under this type of model. The same needs to be said of ETV & Siyatha, ETV is carrying CNA and some music programmes at best with nothing else, Siyatha is carrying only music. The long term viability of these companies is questionable at most. A rebranding of ETV is on the cards but it is taking much longer than expected. It might take place towards the end of this month or early december to take advantage of the festivities. Siyatha seems to be struggling after a failed attempt of leasing the frequency out to Asset Broadcasting to launch Neth TV.

With no website, facebook page and with the Max TV wikipedia page being deleted, its not clear on what the plans the parent company MGM-R organisation has for this television station.

Please keep us updated on the latest on this channel as the days progress.

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chami said...

Bad management.. and poor program line up....